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Do you ever wonder how much it costs to have your lawn cut on a weekly basis? Or how much does it cost to have landscaping installed? Or maybe how much would it cost to have an outdoor living area like your neighbor down the street has? We created this page to help you have a better idea of what a project costs when done correctly. We always talk to our clients about possible costs of their projects before we get started. This helps us deliver a higher level of client satisfaction. Every project is unique in their own way and costs vary with all projects; the price points listed below are starting points of budgets. Things such as material selection and quality, site location and size, site accessibility, existing conditions, etc. all are determining factors for each project.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us, we tried our best to give our clients the best idea of what a typical project costs.


Front Landscapes: A simple front or back landscaping of a home starts at $4995. This would include focal point trees, shrubs, perennials, and bedding.


Privacy Hedges: Most privacy hedges we install have at least 10 Arborvitae, a hedge with 6’ arborvitae installed along with mulch and topsoil start at $5995.

Landscape Lighting: Landscape lighting always brings any landscape to the next level, we always recommend that our clients save some of their budget for this service, it is money very well spent for plenty of reasons such as security and being able to enjoy your spaces when the sun goes down. Landscape lighting A typical landscape lighting package with a 150-Watt Transformer and LED lights starts at $2995. This could include up lights on the house, trees, and other focal points. Also, path lights, pillar, wall, and post lights can be included depending on design and preferences.

Paver Sidewalks: Brick paver sidewalks from the driveway to the front porch or from the driveway to the backyard start at $4995.

Paver Patios: A simple paver patio without steps or additional details usually starts around the $13495 range. Building a more exquisite paver patio with steps, walls, pillars, and lighting will typically be more than $19,995.

Paver Driveways: Paver driveways require more base and geo grid to ensure they can withstand the vehicular load. Paver Driveways start at $14,995.

Outdoor Kitchens: A built in grill with seating start at $9995. Adding additional features such as refrigerator, cabinets, etc., can change the price

Fire features: A wood burning fire pit starts at $1495, this would include wall block, steel fire ring, and fire brick installed on floor for easy clean up. A gas burning kit adds another $1995.

Fireplaces built with wall block with accents starts at $12,500.

Structures: Depending on size and material a pergola starts at $3995; gazebos start at $10,500. Things that may add to the price include running electrical and adding blocks to the bottom of posts.

Pet Turf area: A 8’x15’ area of pet friendly turf starts at $1995.00, please note this does not include fencing.

Putting Green: A 10×15 putting green with different elevations and 2-3 holes with flags starts at: $3995.

Demo/Removal: Under normal circumstances services to remove existing landscaping, decks, patios, concrete sidewalks etc. Most demos range from $1000 -$2500 but have exceeded this range depending on what material needs to be hauled away, the quantity of materials to be hauled away, and disposal fees or dumpster rentals.


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