Custom Landscape Design

Landscape Design, Re-imagined

Landscaping is our passion. We believe that our dedication and hard work ethic are core to our company’s growth. Munro has the equipment and expertise to perform the most challenging types of landscape design and construction, more efficiently than the competition.


We offer many different services for landscape design and installation. We make sure that our planning stays in close precision to what the client would like, from drafting the first blueprint to placing the last stone.

Tree & Shrub Installation

There’s more to installing trees and shrubs then just planting them. Every plant has certain conditions in which to be planted to achieve the best results. Evergreen plants like yews, arborvitae, boxwoods, and pine trees must not be over watered or they will bleach out. This is when the needles or leaves turn a white/yellow color. Alkaline soil and Acidic soils can change the color of the flower, for example hydrangeas might be pink or blue just depending on the soil they’re planted in. Other factors to take into account are shade vs. sun, some plants need full sun while others might require full shade. We make our own planting soil mix using compost, top soil, and sand, this ensures plants get the proper nutrients while also having proper water drainage.

We have developed strong relationships with many of our local nurseries and tree farms and make sure to use the highest quality plants and trees in our designs and installations.

There is no tree too small or too big, we also offer tree spading!

Landscape Lighting

Nothing looks more impressive than a house lit up at night accenting all the landscaping you invested in. We can add path lights along your walkways, step and brick lights can be added to your brick stair case or seating walls, well lights and spot lights can be used to create beautiful accents on trees and your home.

Using underground wiring we can power all these lights and bury the wire so you won’t even know it’s there.

Landscape night lighting has come a very long way over the past 20 years. In years past houses used to need up to (3) timers and hundreds of feet of wire depending on the system installed. Nowadays with LED light fixtures and bulbs can use less wire, use smaller timers, cut back on bulb replacements and save on electricity. In other words it can save you money.

There is no tree too small or too big, we also offer tree spading!

Mulch & Stone

Mulch and stone are one of the most important items in your landscaping. They help prevent weeds and help retain moisture for your plants. The sky is the limit when choosing a mulch or stone for your property. Different color options and size allow you to pick a mulch or stone that will complement your landscaping and your house, bringing it all together. We can deliver and install landscape stone or mulch for you.

Products we use:

  • Cedar mulch
  • Hardwood Mulch
  • Died Mulch
  • Decorative landscape stone


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