French Drains and Gutter Drain Systems

Munro Landscaping installed their first drainage system in 1992 for a condominium association, and that was when we realized how useful a drain system can be. Over the years we’ve developed a technique and acquired the necessary equipment to get the job done. We’ve created a system to efficiently and effectively fix water drainage issues, by doing this we’ve been able to keep our costs lower which helps keeps our prices down for our customers.

A French drain is essentially a trench that is dug and filled with a float stone or pea gravel. The trench is then covered with a non-woven fabric to allow water into the trench but not let soils into the trench. By adding a perforated drain tile pipe covered in a non-woven fabric, either 4” or 6”, you give water a “freeway” to travel through and speeds up the process of water drainage.

We then take this pipe and trench to either a low point on the property, a sewer drain on the property, or create a dry well.

Gutter drain systems are a great way to eliminate excessive water on the surface of your lawns and landscape beds and may be your solution to your water issues. They can prevent erosion and the washing away of your mulch and or stone. The system can be connect all your gutters into one pipe and drain to a low point on the property or each individual gutter can be ran to a pop-up using underground pipe.

A dry well is a hole dug using equipment or augers, and is filled with float stone or pea gravel giving a place for the drain systems to drain into underground. The water slowly seeps into the ground below and around the dry well. The size and location of a dry well depend on the water flow and soil type.

Retention Ponds

Retention ponds are a great way to use gravity and the natural slope of a property to create an area for water run-off to gather. Using fabrics and or liners we can dig and install a retention pond giving water a place to drain and gather. Stone and boulders can be used along the edge or bottom to add visual appeal and slow down the speed of water runoff.

Drainage Services we offer:

  • French Drains – Ground water collection system used to relieve soggy areas in the lawn
  • Downspout Drains – We attach pipes to the bottom of your downspouts and run them underground to an appropriate outlet location
  • Catch Basins – Surface water collectors ranging in size from 4-inch diameter to a 2-foot square
  • Channel Drains – Long narrow surface water collectors that are typically installed in driveways and patios
  • Drywells – An underground detention area used to store large volumes of water until the soil can absorb it
  • Sump Pumps – Submersible pumps used to remove water from low lying areas
  • Re-Grading – Changing the surface topography to allow water to naturally flow where it should
  • Rain Gardens – A shallow depression positioned to catch storm water and planted with plants that thrive in wet soil