Brick Paver Patios & Walkways

There is no better way to increase the visual appeal of your house and landscaping than having a brick paver patio and brick paver walkway. Not only do they add value to your home but they create a space for your friends and family to gather. Bricks can be much more appealing than concrete with all the different sizes, textures, and colors offered. We can turn your unused space into an area that everyone will want to gather. Our brick paver designers and architects will work with you and create the outdoor area that suits your needs based on your preferences and property type. Some of the brick manufactures we use are Unilock, Techobloc, Rosetta, and Fendt.

We attend our manufactures yearly seminars to ensure that we are up to date on our manufactures’ newest brick paver materials as well as their recommended installation and care process. Most of our staff has attended classes held by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute so that we are knowledgeable of the best installation methods and use of equipment to help speed up our installation process.

Brick Paver Driveways and Extensions

Brick paver driveways and driveway extensions are a great way to increase your curb appeal or add more space to your current driveway. We build our brick paver driveways and extensions to withstand the load of vehicles. We do this by using 2-3 times the required base, the use of heavy duty fabric, and use of GeoGrid or StrataGrid.

Heavy duty fabric is important to ensure your base material and subsoils don’t mix as well as help the base stay as one unit. Geo or StrataGrid helps stabilize the base material making it stronger to increase the load it can handle.

Fireplaces and Fire pits

Having a fire is a staple when you live in Michigan. Extend your outdoor season by having a place to be comfortable and warm when the sun sets. A fireplace or fire pit can be an excellent place for friends and family to gather. We can build you a custom brick fire pit or install one of the many brick fire pit kits made by our manufactures. Fire places not only create an area for people to gather when it gets colder, but they are an excellent focal point and will impress everyone. We can build you a custom fire wood holder to keep your firewood nice and dry. Don’t want to have a wood burning fire? That’s ok we also install gas fire pits and gas fireplaces. We work with licensed plumbers to run gas lines to our fire pits or fire places.

We can either build you an area large enough for chairs to put around the fire or we can build you a seating wall around your fire pit for people to sit on. We can even add landscape night lighting throughout your seating wall.

Outdoor Kitchens

Want to be able to continue entertaining your family or guests outside while you prepare food or drinks? Then an outdoor kitchen is exactly what you need! Adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add to your outdoor living area. Let Munro Landscaping build a custom outdoor kitchen based on your space, needs, feature choices, and budget. We can add sinks, refrigerators, and grills to make it easier for you to host guests while cooking. Weatherproof cabinets can be added so to give you the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Retaining Walls

Munro Landscaping has been specializing in retaining walls for nearly 30 years. All too often do we see failing retaining walls, and almost always is it in result of improper installation. There are numerous variables to take into account when building a retaining wall to ensure they don’t fail. Every retaining wall is unique. A retaining wall is more than just a visually attractive wall, it must be able to do its job and retain soil. Things like property water runoff, wall material, wall height and length, drainage behind the wall, amount of base under the retaining wall, and geogrid are all things to factor into designing a retaining wall.

Types of walls we install: timber walls, boulder walls, ledge rock walls, or brick paver retaining walls.

Members of our design team and installers have taken the Segmental Retaining Wall course to understand the proper installation of retaining walls.

Seating Walls

Seating walls are different then retaining walls. Although some seating walls may retain some soil most are just free standing walls created to give people a place to sit in an outdoor setting. Seating walls aren’t only built around fire pits but can be installed in or around patios adding extra seating while also creating an attractive visual in your outdoor living area.

Materials we use in our outdoor seating walls are ledge rock slabs and blocks made by brick manufactures such as Unilock, Rosetta, Techobloc, and Fendt.

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