Landscape Design

Let us bring your dream yard to life before a shovel is even put into the ground


  •  All of our design projects start with a professional onsite consultation, this usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The consultation is when we observe the site and get an in-depth property assessment with the clients.
  • During the consult we walk the property and discuss the needs and wants of the client. We can recommend or advise against certain items or services based on the layout of the site. We will discuss the design that will compliment your home, meet the needs and wants of the client, and fine tune the budget for the project.
  • Once the consultation comes to an end, we will establish a design fee. Our design fees vary based on the complexity of the project but start at $400 for a 2D plan, 3D plans start at $1250, the design fee is deducted off the cost of the project if the client hires us. Once the design fee is approved, we will begin putting our notes and ideas to paper.


  • We will be using our site analysis and property assessment along with our notes from your consultation to develop the design.
  • We use a 2D and 3D design program to develop the drawing and visual aids.
  • All of our designs are scaled drawings that are used for the proposal and throughout construction.


  • Once we have a detailed scaled drawing of your design, we can begin the proposal phase.
  • Our detailed proposals establish the scope of work based on your design.
  • We provide clear upfront pricing and descriptions of our process on each proposal.
  • Once the design and proposal are approved, we sign the contract & collect a deposit to secure a place on our schedule, as well as establish an estimated start date.


  • Our experienced crews are given a detailed work order and a copy of the drawings for your project.
  • They then use the scaled drawing to efficiently build your project exactly how we designed it. “Per the drawing”