Snow & Ice Removal

Snow…You either love it or you hate it. Munro Landscaping has been specializing in snow removal services since the beginning of our creation. From a condominium or subdivision association, to a commercial property small or large we can handle your snow services. Over the years we’ve gathered all the necessary equipment and continue to invest in our employees and equipment to offer the safest, fastest, and most efficient snow services in our area.

Snow removal and de-icing services we offer:

  • Snow removal from sidewalks and walkways using shovels, snow blowers, four wheelers, and more.
  • Snow plowing from driveways using trucks with front snow plows or back snow plows, skid-steers with snow plows or pusher boxes, or tractors with snow blowers.
  • Snow plowing roadways and parking lots using trucks with front plows, skid-steers with snow plows or snow pusher boxes, and tractors or loaders with snow pusher boxes.
  • De-icing using rock salt or sidewalk salt consisting of magnesium or chloride, or calcium chloride pellets.
  • We also offer a eco-friendly or pet friendly salt for our customers
  • There is no tree too small or too big, we also offer tree spading!