Swimming Pool Installation

At Munro Landscaping, we’ve been building sustainable landscaping and aqua scaping projects for years. Our pools, ponds and waterfalls are built to withstand algae and be environmentally sustainable, AND be a stylish, low-maintenance addition to any home. Ask about including a pool in your landscaping project, or just putting an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly pool in your yard today!

The first step in making your aquatic dream a reality is consulting with our design team to draw a mental picture of what you are looking for. This is the opportune time to communicate material preferences for the construction of the pool and specific features you would want added on, such as spas, fountains, or waterfalls. Also describe if you have design preferences for the surrounding area of the pool, like a fireplace, bar, and lounge area. After hearing your vision, our design team will create a mockup image of your complete pool or spa layout to gather your feedback before proceeding with construction.